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Hidalgo ISD, Hidalgo Early Start Academy named Blue Ribbon Center


Hidalgo County Administration has named Hidalgo Early Start Academy as a Blue Ribbon Center for the 2018-19 school year. The Hidalgo Early Start Academy which provides educational services for Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 students received their award for their excellence in classroom setting, classroom management, record keeping and case management.

Two years ago, Hidalgo ISD partnered with the Hidalgo County Head Startprogramto offer educational and supportive services to ensure children and families are school ready. Collaboratively, the Hidalgo County Head Start Program children will receive instruction in cognitive, physical, and social development by a certified Hidalgo ISD School Readiness Teacher.

Irma Garza Acuña, Hidalgo Head Start Center Director, said she gives the recognition to her staff for the job well done. “It’s really my staff that gets the credit,” said Acuña. “They take care of a lot for me and it’s really just a team effort between all of us. They know my expectations, they know what needs to get done and everyday we work hard for the kids and it’s exciting to be a Blue Ribbon Center.” Acuña has been working with the program for 18 years and this is her second year as a Center Director.

Raquel Reyes-Alvarez, Director of Early Childhood, said Acuña is a great leader. “Versatility is one of the greatest assets that the leadership and staff possess,” said Reyes-Alvarez. “It is commendable to see how they strive to render quality services in educating our PK students, family engagement, community involvement, and compliance with all program requirements.”

This is the third consecutive year that the program has earned the Blue Ribbon Center. Congratulations to Hidalgo Headstart and Hidalgo ISD for their partnership in education and acquiring this outstanding recognition.

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